Networked families

So just how 'wired' are today's married-with-children-at-home households? You may be surprised to learn just how pervasive technological gadgetry like cell phones, PCs, and super-fast Internet access has become in American families.

A December 2007-January 2008 survey by the Pew Research Center found that American married families with children 17 and younger are the most “wired” of all households.

Technology Ownership by Households
 Married with child/childrenOther household types
Cell phone(s)95%80%
At least one household member goes online94%71%
Have a home broadband connection66%47%

Ownership of multiple gadgets and communication tools is a standard feature of family life in married families with children:

  • 58% own two or more desktop or laptop computers. Almost two-thirds of these multi-computer families (63%) link their computers in a home network.
  • Both spouses use the Internet in 76% of families, and 84% of their children use the Internet. Also, in 65% of married-with-children households with a child between the ages of 7-17, a husband, wife and child all use the Internet.
  • 89% of these families own multiple cell phones, and nearly half (47%) own three or more mobile devices.

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