Editor's Corner

This month we're giving you a bit of a rest, from reading that is. Compared to our previous month's issues, this eNewsletter as about half the length. This isn't by choice, but rather by necessity. Our company has become very busy with both existing and new projects, so time left to writing has become scarce, even with increasing travel.

We have a large backlog of topics we want to write about. Just take a look at the resource materials we have piled up for those hopefully forthcoming stories. INSERT Files.jpg

Here's a summary of our current work:

  1. One children's discovery play (edutainment) center in full design and production
  2. Master planning under way for two church campuses with innovative children's religious programs and facilities and attached children's edutainment centers that will be open to the public.
  3. Feasibility study underway for children's edutainment center in Mexico.
  4. Full design underway for a free-standing family event center
  5. Site selection underway for a new pizza and games facility
  6. Five family pizza buffet/entertainment centers in various stages of development
  7. One stay-at-home mom's café in feasibility and site development
  8. Worked with large family resort on development of indoor family entertainment center.
  9. Working with existing indoor/outdoor family entertainment center on renovation and expansion.
  10. Working with two agritainment facilities on expansion

So, as you can see, we have a lot going on.

I was pleased to receive a phone call from an executive at a major entertainment industry supplier as a result of our story last month's Beware of Suppliers Promising Plenty. The supplier was one the unnamed guilty who overstates the entertainment capacity of their equipment. When I explained the situation to the executive, he was in total agreement and said he would look into having his company reevaluate how they calculate equipment capacity to be more realistic. It is good to know that at least some suppliers are interested in being honest and not inflating claims about their equipment.

Hope to see you all at IAAPA in November. I'll be giving one of the seminars, Edutainment: The Next Big Thing. (see story below)

Randy White