2024 is the year of adventure

Eventbrite's TRNDS 2024 report calls 2024 the Year of Adventure "when people want to experience new things, explore new places, and live the best of their lives." This includes meeting new people, making new friends, and experimenting and trying new foods.

The report found that six-in-ten of 21-to 35-year-olds (62%) are leaning into their sense of adventure. Another 24% consider 2024 the Year of Comfort, doing their favorite things and indulging in comfort food and drinks. One-seventh (14%) will spend 2024 as the Year of Chill, getting away from the hustle and bustle, engaging in activities that ground them, recharging their batteries, and only hanging out with like-minded people.

Three-quarters of 21-to 35-year-olds value an entertaining or informative event that is also a meaningful, transformative experience.

Over half of 21-to 35-year-olds (54%) find an event offering zero-proof and low-alcoholic options appealing. 64% said they would pay a higher ticket price for such events.

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