Alcoholic beverage preferences

The majority of adults, around 60% overall, are drinkers. Higher-income and college graduates have the highest percentage of drinkers, roughly 75%. This demographic accounts for approximately two-thirds of all location-based entertainment spending.

Alcoholic preferences have changed over time. Beer has become less popular, while liquor has grown in popularity.

Here's a detailed breakdown of current alcoholic preferences by demographics.


Since higher socioeconomic households account for approximately two-thirds of all location-based entertainment (LBE) spending and approximately 75% of adults in those households drink alcoholic beverages, it is important for location-based entertainment venues to offer alcoholic beverages, at a minimum beer, wine, hard seltzers and cider. Liquor has grown in popularity and is the 2 nd most preferred drink by age 18-34, a prime age target for LBEs, and for adults overall. Offering liquor, especially crafted cocktails, will enhance the appeal of the venue as well as increase per capita alcohol sales.

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