Americans' pizza preferences

Along with hamburgers, pizza is a highly popular entree food with Americans. A March 2023 poll by YouGov found the following pizza preferences among American adults.

Pepperoni followed by sausage, extra cheese, mushrooms, and chicken are the most popular pizza toppings.

29% of Americans say anchovies are their least favorite pizza topping. That is followed by jalapenos (8%), pineapple (6%), and eggplant (6%).

Thin crust pizza is the most preferred type crust followed by thick crust.

Thin-crust pizza also frequently is called New York-style pizza. When asked about preferences among eight regional styles, many pizza eaters favor a style that's associated with their region. Northeasterners are particularly likely to favor New York-style pizza, at 47%; Midwesterners are most likely to favor Chicago-style pizza (30%). Among people who live in the West, 19% prefer California-style pizza and just about as many prefer New York-style pizza (18%).

Nearly three-quarters of Americans (73%) usually eat pizza with their hands.

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