Sober-curious trend continues

We first wrote about the sober-curious trend of no-alcohol and low-alcohol drinks in our February 2019 issue. We followed up with an article in our January 2020 issue with more information on the trend, including the emergence of no-alcohol bars and some bars offering customers' dogs dog-mocktails.

2023 trend research by Datassential finds that there has been a +65% 12-month growth of mocktails on menus and a +146% 4-year growth of low-alcohol drinks on menus. They also found that the term "mocktails" no longer has negative connotations with consumers.

The restaurant industry is adapting to the growing sober-curious segment of the population by making their bars more appealing and accessible to them with non- and low-alcoholic offerings,


Location-based entertainment centers that offer alcohol should make sure they provide at least one or two selections of non-alcoholic and low-alcoholic drinks.

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