From the Editor

Our company prides itself on its independence.  Unlike many consultants, designers and producers who derive secondary income from commissions on equipment they specify for clients, our ethical standards prohibit us from accepting any such income that could bias our advice to clients.  As a result, we have no loyalties or obligations to any manufacturers or suppliers.  We believe it is our job to represent the best interest of our clients and help them make the best business decisions, which sometimes is not even to proceed with a project.

In fact, in the location-based entertainment industry, we are often called contrarians, due to our opinions that often run counter to accepted conventional wisdom.  Most projects we have produced for our clients don't fit the conventional model; yet have proved highly successful.  We created the children's edutainment center concept, which runs totally counter to the idea of amusements and entertainment. At first the industry didn't get it.  Only now, almost eight years later, is the industry catching on.

We hope our eNewsletter also reflects that same independence to speak our mind.  That is one reason we have a tagline that includes the word Commentary .  We feel free to comment on what we believe is right and wrong with the industry.  We say things no other industry publication would dare say for fear of offending either advertisers or trade organization members.  We're not bashful about saying what we think.

This issue includes one such commentary.  Since 2001, we have been writing about how wrong violent games are for children and family-oriented businesses.  Now, research is firmly establishing the harmful effect playing violent games has on both children and adults.  Even if you don't read any other articles, you owe it to yourself to read Game Violence: Good Business or Bad?