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What makes our eNewsletter stand out?

What makes the White Hutchinson Leisure eNewsletter stand out from all the other entertainment and leisure emails that crowd your inbox? For one, almost all of the others accept advertising. Not us. We don't have to be careful about what we write so as not to offend some industry advertiser. That gives us total and absolute freedom to tell it the way we see it, even if it's a negative opinion about some equipment or operator.

We've been publishing our Leisure eNewsletter for 16 years. Before that, back in the old hard copy newsletter days, we published and mailed out our Leisure & Learning Alive newsletter. We take great pride in serving the community-based leisure and entertainment industry with original content and analysis, much of it drawn from our own proprietary industry and consumer research that we use to guide our design, production and consulting work for our clients.

We don't just report on what is happening in the industry today, but more importantly, what our trend research and analysis says the future consumer leisure culture will be and it's implications for community leisure venues (CLV). Leisure and entertainment centers are very expensive to develop, with most of the cost in fixed real estate improvements and in equipment, so CLVs need to operate successfully for many, many years to generate a true return on investment. Not just what will work today, but what will work tomorrow becomes doubly important in making those investment decisions. In today's fast changing world, future proofing a center has become critical to long-term financial success.

This is why when you see the White Hutchinson Leisure & Learning Group masthead and name in our inbox, you know you are getting something that is more than just the news found in most other enewsletters - you're receiving information that can make a meaningful difference to your business or your plans to open one.

Thank you for your loyal readership. If you like us, tell a colleague about us. We'd very much appreciate your kind referral.

I hope you'll find the articles in this issue informative and useful.

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