More proof that High Fidelity wins

There is a definite long-term trend of less people attending location-based entertainment venues on trips and lower average household spending at such venues.

One-third (34%) less of all households attended out-of-town entertainment venues on trips in 2012 compared to 2000 and average annual household expenditures for entertainment on trips declined by almost one-third (-31%). However, for those households that did participate, average spending was up by one-seventh (14%).

This is not the only data that indicates that those households who do visit entertainment venues on trips are migrating to high quality, High Fidelity experiences and are paying a premium price to do so.

One of many pieces of anecdotal evidence we have of this High Fidelity trend is per capita attendance at the top 10 theme parks, all of which are high quality and none of which are inexpensive. Between 2001 and 2013, total attendance rose by over one-quarter (27%) and per capita attendance (which adjusts for population growth) rose by 15%. In 2001, the average household attended one of the parks every 44 months. In 2013, it was more frequent at once every 37 months.