A Mom Speaks Out

In our October 2003 issue, we had an article on Moms' Reptilian Desire for Cleanliness (LINK URL). Disney gets it and succeeds. DZ (Discovery Zone, better known as "dirt zone" by moms) didn't get it and is now industry road kill.

We occasionally receive comments via our Website from moms about entertainment facilities they have visited. Here's one about a center that appears to be following the "dirt zone" example. We will keep the name of the center anonymous to protect the guilty.

I recently met a friend at Anonymous Center for a play date. I love the concept of the play areas, but it was extremely dirty inside. My son is 3 and I had to climb up the play structures to help him and noticed a thick layer of dust and hair along the structure. Don't they have health codes for these types of establishments? Are they ever inspected?

Anonymous Mom who won't be returning