Faith Popcorn Defines Today's Kids

Faith Popcorn, best selling author of The Popcorn Report and Evolution, is co-author with Adam Hanft of a new book, Dictionary of the Future. Here are their terms for trends that portray the lives of children in today's society.

Uncertainty caused by polluted air, contaminated water and tainted food. Children are aware of ways in which the world is less than ideal.

Children who have consumer brand preferences based upon their parents' buying habits. Even 18-month-old toddlers can recognize logos. Children trust the same brands their parents use.

Clean Time
Free time that's not rigidly planned. Clean time is a day that's not overly scheduled with lessons, tutoring, sports and playdates. Clean time is not just important for kids, but also for their parents, who're getting burned out by their children's hectic schedules.

Free-Range Children
Kids who are being raised with lots of clean time, where they have time to play and revel in their imaginations.

This describes the harsh world children are exposed to today. If something horrific happens somewhere in the world, they see it right away on every TV channel. One result of futuretense is that parents want their children to be more relaxed, which is why kid spas and baby yoga classes are becoming increasingly popular.

This is short for "school kids with income and purchasing power." This term also encompasses the influence kids have on their parents' spending.
We haven't asked Faith's opinion, but we believe that children's edutainment centers definitely tap into some of these trends -- especially clean time, free-range children, skippys, and futuretense.