Putting the Family Back into LBL's

Talk about Catch-22. The goal of most location-based leisure (LBL) facilities is to attract families, which some LBL owners and operators tend to define as "kids with parents." But typically, children younger than 10 years old are bored with most LBLs, since they are unable to enjoy most anchor attractions, which are designed for older kids. Also, older children prefer to be with their peers rather than with their parents, and parents - mothers especially - avoid places where teens hang out. So by targeting families without exploring what "family" really means, some LBLs have, in effect, driven away the majority of their market as effectively as if that had been the plan all along.

There's a way around this Catch-22, but it takes work and thought. To get around it, you must understand families and children - how they develop, how they interact, and how they play.

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