The following was a hand-out for a seminar given by Vicki Stoecklin at Fun Expo 2001 in Las Vegas and was later published in IALEI's Fun Extra in February 2002.

Twenty Ways To Become More Family Friendly

By Vicki L. Stoecklin

© 2001 White Hutchinson Leisure & Learning Group

  1. Target your market to children under the age of nine and their accompanying adults or parents.
  2. Train your staff in customer service for children and families. Children are not miniature adults and staff need to know how to best interact with families.
  3. Provide entertainment that works for multiple age levels.
  4. Do a safety audit to make sure that you are following applicable safety standards.
  5. Provide a place for parents to relax and sit down.
  6. Look at how easily supervised your area is. Can parents sit and still see their children? Are there "blind" spots where children can hide?
  7. Decorate or theme your facility so that it appeals to children and families.
  8. Make sure that your facility is clean and sanitary, including the restrooms.
  9. Choose construction materials that are easily cleaned and sanitized.
  10. Make sure that your restrooms are easily used by small children.
  11. Provide safe diaper changing stations in all restrooms.
  12. Make sure that your facility provided adequate security.
  13. Design your counters and display cases so that children can easily access and view items.
  14. Provide places for stroller parking both inside and outdoors.
  15. Provide a child's menu with foods that appeal to children.
  16. Make eating easier for families by providing safe high chairs and booster seats in any eating or snack areas.
  17. Double check that your facility's design is not encouraging behavior problems.
  18. Pay attention to acoustics. Children make NOISE and adults will appreciate a quieter space.
  19. If you have outdoor space, provide lots of trees for shade and enclosure.
  20. If you provide birthday parties, make sure they are private and well organized.