Make Lasting Summer Memories

Want to make memories the child in your life will never forget? Consider an intergenerational summer camp such as Wolf Ridge Environmental Center in Minnesota for great learning experiences for the whole family.

Nothing beats creating memories with your grandchild! This summer my grandson, Christian, and I attended an intergenerational summer camp at Wolf Ridge Environmental Center. On 2,000 acres above Lake Superior in Minnesota, Wolf Ridge is an accredited residential environmental school for people of all ages. The school offers outdoor learning experiences for families and individuals on ecology, science, human culture, outdoor recreation, team-building and personal growth.

Along with grandparents and grandchildren from across the nation, we spent the week hiking, studying animals, canoeing, rope climbing and learning about the culture and animals of the area. This photo is of us dressed for exploring the forest as the early settlers did.

You can find out more about the many family vacations, camps, nature workshops and conferences Wolf Ridge provides at the Web site,