Top 10 Mistakes Made in the Interior Design of Child Care Centers

  1. Not involving teachers, parents and children in the design process.
  2. Not exceeding licensing standards for square footage requirements that are minimal to inadequate in every state.
  3. Not having an architect or designer with comprehensive knowledge of children and design.
  4. Not allowing enough time for the design process.
  5. Following the adult ADA standards rather than using the children's ADA standards in children's areas.
  6. Not paying attention to acoustics in the interior space.
  7. Putting too much money in the exterior design so that you have to save on interior finishes.
  8. Finishing the interior space plan before paying attention to its relationship with the outdoor play space.
  9. Choosing designs and materials that are more institutional than residential in feel.
  10. Creating the interior space without consideration for the furniture and equipment that goes in each room.