Top 10 Remodeling Technologies

Are you remodeling on a limited budget? The following ideas can help you get more "bang for your buck."

  1. Seal Air Leaks:
    Spray expanding foam or blow fibers such as cellulose into cavities to better insulate your center.
  2. Smart Ventilation and Control Systems:
    New mechanical ventilators can monitor the humidity outside and inside the crawl space and initiate air exchange when there is an imbalance.
  3. Proper Sizes of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Units:
    New guidelines help contractors better estimate HVC equipment needs.
  4. High-Efficiency Toilets:
    High efficiency toilets use about 20% less water than standard flush toilets, and everyone knows we flush a lot!
  5. Compact Fluorescent Lights:
    These lights use 50-80% less energy and last 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs.
  6. High-Performance Windows:
    Look for the U-value when choosing windows. The lower the number, the better.
  7. Wireless Lighting, Thermostats and Other Controls:
    "Smart" lighting and climate programs make it easy to save money.
  8. Solar Hot Water:
    Heat water with minimal assistance from gas or electricity.
  9. Reclaimed/Renewable Flooring:
    Instead of installing bamboo, how about Marmoleum flooring? It's made from natural materials and comes in sheets for easy installation.
  10. Tubular Skylights:
    These capture and reflect sunlight but don't gain or lose heat like most skylights. Read an article on our website about tubular skylights: