Recent Projects

Burrows Family Garden, Little Falls, NY.
Designs have been completed for the Burrows family garden at their log cabin in Little Falls. We don't know who is more excited about it - the family, the children or us!!!!! The garden includes an infant sensory garden; infant pull up bar; infant swing; sensory box (for sand, pinecones, etc); climbing poles carved liked animals; jumping boulders; tepees for camping out overnight; a secret garden with a hiding tree and fairies; a re-circulating stream; a bridge; a bush maze; a child's log cabin that includes a living room, dress-up room, front porch, porch swing, closet for art easels and a loft; a wooden musical turtle; nests for birds; and many species of both water and land plants that offer both seasonal and textural variety. We hope that somewhere along the way we can create other home gardens for children.

Sunshine Center, Independence, MO.
Provided consultation to a childcare facility serving both typically developing and children with special needs on the use of their existing space and the possibility of expansion of the project into an addition. Staff from the facility attended the Design Institute last year and it was great fun to reconnect almost a year later.