The Kitchen - The Heart of the Center

The kitchen in a childcare center should be the heart of the center and a place that nurtures good health for the entire facility.  The odors of cooking make a center that feels more comfortable, familiar and homey.  Too often in childcare the kitchen becomes too institutional.

Check out this kitchen remodel that was completed at our friend’s center, Our Lady’s Montessori ( in Kansas City, Kansas. 

The school is a non-profit pre-school operated by the Catholic missionary of the Society of Our Lady Of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT).  This kitchen is just a tiny slice of the hard work that this community has endured in order to make the school environment better reflect their values and mission.

The entire center is captivating but this kitchen is absolutely beautiful as well as functional.  It is reflective that children, staff and families can and do appreciate beautiful spaces.  It shows that when all the resources in a center are put together, nothing is impossible!