Recent Projects

The Berkeley Group LLC, Dulles, VA
Provided consultation on start-up and reviewed the business plan of a new child care center which is being planned in this growing suburb.

Blue Springs School District, Blue Springs, MO
Working with a local design firm, Hollis + Miller Architects, to write the architectural program for and design the schematic floor plan for a 34,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility to house the early childhood special needs program and the program for children ages 3-21 who are have multiple disabilities. Interviews with staff and therapists helped our team to create a schematic plan that will promote rehabilitation and therapy services. On-going research is being focused on the use of suitable finishes in a building, which has high wheelchair, walker and other adaptive equipment use. New adaptive and rehabilitation equipment is also being evaluated for use at the new facility.

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, Albany, GA
Have been providing on-going consultation on the expansion of the hospitals existing employee child care program. Wrote an architectural design program for a new childcare center for 171 children.

Santa Fe Horse Park, Santa Fe, NM
Provided preliminary market feasibility and consultation to a polo and equestrian park on how to expand the park's offerings with a children's attraction that would include a play & discovery center themed around horses, polo camps, and equestrian camps for children.

Vicki Stoecklin interviews one of the horses at the Santa Fe Horse Park.

Three Rivers Park Children's Play & Discovery Center, Lake Station, IN
Completed the interior floor plan for a new children's play & discovery center, which includes an indoor climbing structure, a pretend village, a large art studio, water table, train tables, a children's cooking area and a construction area. The outdoor adventure play garden for children ages 6 weeks to 8 years has been designed and includes a mastodon dig, climbing rocks, pretend RV camping, pretend log cabins, a secret forest, children's fishing, peddle go-karts and a separate garden for infants and toddlers. Our company has a contract for the full design of the $5.0 million facility and also for equipment procurement, start-up management assistance, training and the development of preschool and grade school field trip curriculum.

Metro Morning Star Church, Chantilly, VA
Working with a modular building company to create eleven custom buildings for a large and unique church program that will serve over 200 children ages 6 weeks to second grade. The temporary children's buildings are part of an overall campus master plan that our design team is creating for the church that includes a sanctuary, a spray water park, a children's play & discovery center and a private Montessori school that will serve children ages 6-12 years.