Green Architecture

As promised I am continuing the discussion of green architecture in child care center design. Part of the green architecture movement focuses on sustaining our natural resources. Early childhood practitioners know through research that young children form their values before age five. In child care center programs we talk to children about recycling and conserving natural resources, but we don't do a very good job of showing young children how to become good earth stewards. Children learn what they see in their every day surroundings, so child care centers should demonstrate ways that they are socially responsible. The following ideas are easy ways that you can set a good example for children and save our natural resources. Some of these activities require space and planning, so give thought to how you will achieve these goals in your renovation or construction plans:

  • Start a classroom recycling program for paper
  • Make paper for your art center
  • Start an office paper cycling program
  • Use toilets that save water
  • Use faucets with electronic beams that shut off when not in use
  • Use appliances that are certified energy smart
  • Compost your food scrapes
  • Use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions like those listed in the previous month's eNewsletter
  • Use carpet with adhesive backs that stick on so that you don't have to use chemical adhesives
  • Use paints that provide no off-gassing of chemicals
  • Replace your florescent bulbs with full spectrum lights

I am sure that as time goes on I will think of others. Please e-mail me your ideas to add to the list at e-mail.