Inspiration for unique agritourism festival foods

State Fairs are a great place to find ideas for new unique foods and drinks you can offer at your agritourism venue.

This year vendors at the Minnesota State Fair hope to strike it rich with a pickle pandemonium. The list includes:

  • mango punch-infused pickles
  • pickle cheese curd tacos
  • pickle fries
  • lemonade with dill pickle slices
  • fudge with dill pickle slices inside
  • popsicles with dill pickle slices inside
Dill Pickle Cheese Curd Taco Pickle Fries Miami Mando Pickles

You can check out all 34 new foods at the fair, including hot honey cheese sticks, fruity cereal milk biscuits, birthday cake mini donuts, and bacon-wrapped waffle dogs here.

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