Homeschooling, the fastest-growing form of education

Homeschooling has become, by a wide margin, America's fastest-growing form of education. An analysis by The Washington Post found a 51% growth since 2017/2018. That's more than seven times greater than the growth in private schools.

Washington D.C. saw the most significant growth at 108%, followed by New York (+103%), South Dakota (+94%), Rhode Island (+91%), California (+78%,) and Tennessee (+77%).

The Post estimates there are now between 1.9 million and 2.7 million home-schooled children in the U.S.

This month's survey by CivicScience found that 12% of parents of school-aged children (under 18) home-schooled their children.

Since many parents home-school more than one child, the percentage of home-schooled children will be higher than 12%, perhaps as high as one-sixth of all school-age children.

Implications for agritourism

Since home-schooled children are not in a regular social setting, such as at a traditional school, many home-schooling parents will arrange for their children meet up with other home-schooling parents and children once a week so their children can develop their social skills. They are constantly looking for places to go. They are a prime target for agritourism field trips.

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