Agritourism & Agritainment Consulting and Design Services

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The White Hutchinson Leisure & Learning Group is a full-service feasibility, design, production and consulting company for agritainment (agri-tourism) facilities.

It was back in 1994 that we first applied our experience and expertise in the family and children’s entertainment center industry to Davis’ Farmland in Sterling, Massachusetts when we performed a market and financial feasibility study and prepared a master plan for the expansion of their farm-based petting zoo into a much larger children’s discovery farm attraction. The discovery farm concept we designed was an instant success and Davis’ Farmland has been growing ever since, including a major expansion we designed for it in 2001.

Since 1994 we have worked for farmers with agritainment and agri-tourism businesses of many types on all aspects of developing, expanding and growing their businesses. Many of these farmers, including some of the country’s most successful operations, have continually returned to us for on-going design and consulting services.

White Hutchinson has a core team of design and other professionals that includes the disciplines of architecture, interior and mechanical design; market research; brand, name and logo development; landscape design; kitchen design; food and beverage; entertainment and play attraction design; and management. Additionally, we collaborate with the best quality suppliers throughout the world on the design of entertainment and play equipment and activities. Randy White, our CEO, personally works on all our agritainment projects, as he enjoys it so much.

White Hutchinson prides itself on its independence.  Unlike many consultants and designers who derive secondary income from commissions on equipment or from contractors they specify for clients, our ethical standards prohibit us from accepting any such income, which could bias our advice to clients. As a result, we have no loyalties or obligations to any suppliers or contractors. We have no ownership, nor will we accept any commissions, rebates or other compensation from suppliers or contractors. We believe it is our job to represent the best interest of our clients and help them make the best business decisions, which sometimes is to not to proceed with a project.

Our comprehensive design and consulting services cover most aspects of designing and operating agritainment facilities, including:

  • Market research and feasibility
  • Financial feasibility and projections
  • Concept development
  • Master plans
  • Cost estimates
  • Mix/program development
  • Operating capacity/design day calculations
  • Space/adjacency planning
  • Brand development
  • Schematic design
  • Architectural design
  • Landscape design
  • Mascot/costume character design and procurement
  • Design for circulation
  • Design for adult and children's accessibility
  • Design for family friendliness
  • Design for safety
  • Wayfinding/sign design
  • Design/specification for entertainment and play attractions, equipment and supplies
  • Children's play safety design including ASTM and CPSC compliance
  • Food Service:
    • Menu development and pricing
    • Product sourcing
    • Kitchen design
    • Menu board concepts and designs
    • Sanitary practices and procedures
    • Waste monitoring and control
    • Inventory control and ordering
    • Policy and procedure manuals
    • Food service personnel training
    • POS and technology systems selection
    • Start-up operations
  • Consulting on development of sponsorship programs
  • Development and training on hygiene, health and sanitation policies for play and animal areas
  • Assistance with other areas of management and operations as required
  • Consulting and assistance on all other areas of development, management and operations