Comprehensive Menu/Kitchen Design & Start-Up

White Hutchinson Leisure & Learning Group's Production Alliance includes companies with expertise in many specialized aspects of developing projects. One of our Production Alliance members is a 21-year-old restaurant chain that operates a wide assortment of restaurant types with $40 million in annual sales. As part of our team to help you develop your project, the restaurant chain will share its knowledge, experience and support to launch your food and beverage operation to new levels in food, service and entertainment. Our Production Alliance also includes an independent kitchen design company Walt Disney World uses for many of its restaurants and food facilities. As such, the design company is always at the forefront of new and exciting design concepts.

Menu Development: We provide full service menu development based upon your concept design. From quick service to white tablecloth, we have developed menus that provide quality food at the price points you desire. We have experience in designing menus to optimize customer item selection through placement and design. Our menu team has designed products with some of the leading innovators in the industry and currently provides consulting services to several national chains.

Recipe Development: We develop recipes specifically designed for your location. Whether it is primarily cost focused, or green and sustainable, or gluten and allergy-free, or local sourced, or other special dietary needs, we can create recipes ideal for your food and beverage facility.

Product Sourcing: Using our extensive network of suppliers and buying power, we can provide sources for your products that meet your needs on cost, availability, and quality.

Kitchen, Counter Area, and Bar Design: Our design team has received national acclaim for progressive, functional, and attractive design. Your restaurant will draw customers for the look and feel, and retain employees for the ease of operation.

Develop Menu Board Concepts and Designs: Not sure what should be the look and feel of your restaurant? With a proven track record across a wide array of concept models, you can be sure we can create a restaurant brand that meets your goals.

Quality Control and Sanitation Practices and Manuals: We take health and safety issues VERY seriously. You have just invested a lot of time and money into your project, and the last thing you want is to place it all at risk because of a health or safety incident. Our projects have some of the best records for sanitation and safety in the industry, and we have provided training services for local health departments.

Policy and Procedure and Training Manuals: Service and consistency are key ingredients to any successful restaurant operation. Don't let your standards walk out the door when an employee leaves. We provide manuals, policies, and procedures that allow employees to deliver the service and experience you desire every time. As one of our principals likes to say, training is like bathing, if you don't do it for a while, you start to stink.

Hiring Assistance: Whether it is your key General Manager or Executive Chef, or part-time hourly help, we can assist in the process. Our team has extensive experience in opening and operating restaurants. We can provide selection criteria that limits your costly exposure to bad hires, and make sure you hire the right number of people to successfully staff your restaurant.

POS and Technology Systems: We can help identify the POS system and technology platform that fits the needs of your restaurant and meets your budget. We have experience in many systems and understand the strengths and weakness of each. We want to make sure you have a system that allows you to operate the restaurant efficiently and profitably.

Start-up Assistance: Nothing can be more exciting or scary than opening the doors for the first time. At no point in a restaurant's life cycle is it more critical to be at your best, than in the opening weeks. Guest counts will be at their highest at a time when your staff experience is the least. We provide on-site support through these trying weeks to make sure that new guest leave happy and with a favorable experience to share with their friends.